Why Henry Smith & Wilson?


At Henry Smith & Wilson we believe that our clients’ deserve the best and their success is our success.
We believe in professionalism, and consistently maintain high standards and provide the right staff in each assignment.

Our service delivery is based on the following key attributes and virtues:

Our Clients
Client satisfaction is a central pillar in all our services, offered with professionalism and independence. The advice and services that we offer should ultimately result in the client feeling that their needs have been addressed while maintaining objectivity.

Our Staff
We utilize the collective experience of our professional staff. Engagements are handled by qualified and experienced staff with particular specialty related to the assignment. Our commitment to integrity and confidentiality is an integral part of our core values.
We believe in the quality of people who deliver our services because of the continued investments and training that we make in our staff. We are accustomed to working with new information and actively improving our knowledge .

We appreciate the importance of response time for our clients, and take pride in our ability to deliver services to our clients within deadlines.

Our engagement are planned and led by a partner with years of relevant experience, supported by staff with adequate audit qualifications and experience.

Objectivity and Independence
The greatest value in all our engagements is the ability to demonstrate an objective view on issues and processes.

Partners and Staff
The firm has seven active partners who are all registered members of ICPAK and in good standing. In addition, the firm has more than thirty staff.


Enhance the accountancy profession locally, regionally and internationally through provision of high quality and value added services to clients.


To employ high standards of professionalism, acquired through training and experience, intended to offer the most competitive services to our clients, through motivated staff committed to service delivery and guided by ethical principles and high integrity.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Honesty and Dedication
  • Ethical Practice
  • Responsiveness
  • Selfless Service

Quality Assuarance

The firm has a published quality control policy that is compliant with the International Standard on Quality Control (ISQC). The objective of the policy is to establish, maintain and enforce a quality control system that provides reasonable assurance that we comply with the standard recommended by ICPAK.