Audit and Assurance Services


We provide both statutory and non-statutory (special, forensic, internal) audit services.

Statutory audits are guided by specific statutory reporting requirements, resulting in an independent opinion on the financial statements. In all audits, we evaluate the design and implementation of internal controls in order to properly identify and assess risk, while gaining a sufficient understanding of the client organization and its environment.

For statutory audits, we also issue a management letter with findings and recommendations. The management letter outlines the areas of corporate governance, risk management, internal controls, compliance and accounting procedures that need improvement. We are available to help clients anticipate issues and offer advice on practical solutions.

For special, forensic and internal audits, the results are published in a report in accordance with the terms of reference. The report includes as a minimum:

  • Areas audited and the dates of the audit
  • Audit findings and observations
  • Corrective actions in order of priority
  • Recommendations